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A Girl Like Any Other

il_570xN.516721413_15s032 pages. 6-9 years old. 15$

What makes a girl? What makes a boy?  »A Girl Like Any Other » tells the quest for authenticity led by a girl born with a penis.

Questionning the very idea of normativity and navigating between her need to belong and her desire to be herself, she manages to create her very own space where she can express her creativity and still find esteem and peer recognition, despite the obstacles. Through the character’s relationships with her brother, her best friend and her classmates, the book exposes some of the difficulties that might be encountered by transgender or gender-creative children.


Penguins won’t judge

il_570xN.534724121_jz7v32 pages. All ages. 10$

– A darling coloring book by a talented artist… The artwork and stories help children and adults alike remember that being different is okay, and that everybody is special in their own way.

– A must for every Library and every parent of gender independant, gender creative or trans* children and children with intersex conditions.
Gender Creative Kids Canada


One of a Kind Colouring Book : Surprise Box

il_570xN.384259401_atay32 pages. All ages. 10$

One of a Kind Colouring Book : 1. Surprise Box proposes a serie of drawings that go against gender stereotypes.

From the male ballet dancer to the female skateboard pro, from the gamer girl to the knitting boy, and exploring French Canadian historical figures and legends, the first volume of One of a Kind Colouring Book is a big party where not only did we invite everyone, but everyone is celebrated.



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